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By The Eternal Student on 11/4/2012 12:18 PM

   According to the following news story, 35 percent of Chicago schools inspected failed city health inspection standards. Abhorrent conditions including rat droppings in foodstuffs which sickened students are an intolerable situation. A complete failure of leadership (and a lack of simple execution of daily responsibilities) by those in positions of authority are a microcosm of governmental ineptitude by an ineffective, out-of-control bureaucracy.

By The Eternal Student on 10/23/2012 8:18 PM

   This video documents very disturbing facts regarding catfish production contaminated by industrial and human waste products. The production is very high and shipped worldwide. The US only inspects a small portion of imports (as well as internal food production). The ramifications of this video are very profound.

By The Eternal Student on 10/3/2012 2:01 PM

Andrea Kuszewski, behavior consultant, discusses the most effective ways to learn. After listening to Andrea hypotheses, I can't help but believe she is likely correct.

By The Eternal Student on 10/3/2012 1:41 PM

Watch the action as Japanese and American RoboCup (Robot Soccer World Cup) teams battle it out with fully autonomous robots. The robots in this competition, have been built and programmed specifically to play soccer. Founded in 1997, RoboCup's goal is to create, "By mid-21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall win the soccer game, complying with the official rule of the FIFA, against the winner of the most recent World Cup." The video is marvelous and well worth your time.

By The Eternal Student on 10/3/2012 1:21 PM

If you've ever been curious about the backside of the story surrounding the terrorist act committed at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, this is your film. Outlined in the film are a number of shocking propositions. Read more for the full story.

By The Eternal Student on 10/3/2012 1:16 PM

In this comedic video, a woman from the year 2008, excited to have just witnessed President Obama's election, interviews herself in 2012 to see how things are going. During the interview, she asks herself questions about the state of the country, the economy, and more. Needless to say the exchange make for great comedy material.

By The Eternal Student on 10/3/2012 1:12 PM

Morton Downy Jr., whose job it was apparently to whip his crowd and guests up into a frenzy, presumably in the hopes of ratings success, interviews Ron Paul in this video. Morton poses his questions in such an irrational manner that it is surprising that Paul could keep his cool.

By The Eternal Student on 10/3/2012 1:06 PM

This interview from Septemeber 2011, left a BBC newsreader near speechless. She was interviewing independent trader Alessio Rastani when Alessio decided to tell the host his version of the truth.

By The Eternal Student on 10/2/2012 2:34 PM

John R. Bradley, British author and foreign correspondent, in an interview with RT, takes viewers through his predictions on how a war with Iran will likely begin. His predictions are grim and he seems confident that a war is imminent.

By The Eternal Student on 10/2/2012 1:52 PM

If you are not already aware of the concept of "false flag" attacks, you are definitely going to want to see this film. The full length version of this gripping Alex Jones' film (TerrorStorm) is below. Be sure and go to full screen to enjoy the movie.

By The Eternal Student on 10/2/2012 1:29 PM

The following videos do a fairly good job of the issues surrounding “fracking”. “Fracking”, or hydraulic fracturing, is a technique whereby drilling companies will inject salt-water mixed with chemicals into natural gas or other wells in an effort to break-up underground soil deposits so as to release the gas contained in the fractured layer.

By The Eternal Student on 10/2/2012 12:26 PM

If you live in the United States, the economic "elephant in the room", in so far as our media is concerned, is the "Federal Reserve" System. I put the term “Federal Reserve” in quotes because the institution is neither federal (privately owned if you can believe it), nor is there anything like precious metals or other currencies actually in reserve backing up our currency in any meaningful way relative to our debt (we are bankrupt and our currency is a Ponzi scheme). But you haven't heard the worst yet. Economic booms and recessions are often created or exacerbated by the actions of the Federal Reserve System and that can drastically and directly affect your life, your job, and your future. They do this principally by raising and lowering interest rates. Making money more expensive to borrow or making it cheaper. How many out of a thousand know this? You’ll be one of the few after reading this.


By The Eternal Student on 10/2/2012 12:17 PM

If stopped by police, do you have an idea of what your rights are? This helpful video from and lawyer Billy Murphy, Jr., entitled "10 Rules for Dealing with Police", is the most informative video I've ever seen on how to handle yourself during police stops. For decades I have wanted more information on what my rights were and how to behave during routine stops, yet could never find a compendium of info on the subject in a concise form. It is probably fair to assume that if I have had questions in this area that most everyone, outside the law enforcement and legal careers of course, have had questions too.


By The Eternal Student on 10/2/2012 12:00 PM

Dr. Thomas Stephen Szasz, Co-Founder of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR, a watch-dog group exposing psychiatric rights violations) and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at the New York Health Science Center in Syracuse, was a renowned and influential psychiatrist well known for writing moral critiques of his profession. In his dozens of books he wrote tirelessly to clear up misconceptions within his profession, referring to most behavioral misconducts as "fake diseases" hoisted upon subjects to control or stigmatize them by the "pharmacracy". Needless to say his opinions are interesting and well worth your time. Did I mention that his opinions often drive fellow psychiatrists nuts? How can that be bad?


By The Eternal Student on 9/16/2012 1:14 PM

Richard Dawkins is certainly adept at creating controversy. His books have made him a sensation in some circles. An evolutionary biologist and Professor at Oxford, Dawkins is an admirer of Darwin and enjoys any opportunity to berate creationist scholars.


By The Eternal Student on 9/16/2012 12:57 PM

During the height of the 2008-20xx housing finance crisis, banks and financial institutions were overwhelmed with paperwork related to foreclosures, re-sells, and adjustments. Apparently they were so inundated that they began to farm this paperwork out to smaller 3rd party companies. Even to the point where temporary workers for the third parties were signing bank related documents as if they were officers of banks. Needless to say things got messy.

By The Eternal Student on 9/16/2012 12:47 PM

Adam Carolla, famous for his stints on the Man Show, Crank Yankers, and other radio and TV shows, speaks frankly about a number of subjects including his views on the Occupy Wall Street movement. His views are the frank, no holds barred type of communication we prefer here at WUS. Politicians give us homogeneous focus group approved propaganda, we at WUS like to give you real spin free opinions.

By The Eternal Student on 9/16/2012 12:36 PM

In this video Gerald Celente discusses how his commodities account of over six figures was emptied out by the operators of MF Global before transferring the account to a new firm. The transfer to a new firm was necessitated by the meltdown of MF Global, where over 1.2 billion dollars went missing.

By The Eternal Student on 9/16/2012 12:25 PM

In this short news report, Roberta Baskin investigates the question of whether or not “organic” foods are really worth the extra money. You’ll won’t believe what she uncovers. In a nutshell, there are apparently few real standards or common practices among producers of organically labeled food.


By The Eternal Student on 9/12/2012 12:22 PM

Craig Unger, author, investigative journalist, and contributing editor at Vanity Fair has written a book named “Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power”.  In the book Unger outlines some of Rove’s more fascinating activities.


By The Eternal Student on 9/12/2012 12:03 PM

Glenn Beck and Pat Buchanan have a frank discussion about likely future global demographic changes and the geo-political changes that could occur as a result. One example discussed in the film is the case of Russia, whose population is declining dramatically while surrounded by other countries whose populations are burgeoning. In this interview Pat goes so far as to infer that Russia may lose some or much of her eastern lands to East Asian peoples.


By The Eternal Student on 9/12/2012 11:48 AM

If you weren't already aware, the U.S. government, past presidents, and others have been implicated by numerous former associates, as having been involved in illegal drug trafficking operations and money laundering. Even with everything that has come out, it is hard to make out much more than some of the major players and their aims.


By The Eternal Student on 9/12/2012 11:12 AM

You might have heard of the notion of the "Clash ofCivilizations" before. Samuel Huntington's original article and eventual book by the same name certainly seem to have found a large audience. Equally numerous are the book's critics. Some of them claim that the book is an exercise in "reductionist" thinking. I would agree, but argue that this is much of the reason why the book sells well.


By The Eternal Student on 7/14/2012 2:06 PM

Paul Kengor, political science professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, outlines in his book "The Communist", the political philosophy of one of Barack Obama's mentors (columnist named Frank Marshall Davis).

By The Eternal Student on 2/6/2012 11:56 PM

Alex Jones, a self described "American freedom fighter", put this movie together in an effort to wake people up to the nefarious acts perpetrated by the U.S. government, and others, in attempts to achieve their questionable ends.

By The Eternal Student on 2/6/2012 11:40 PM

Retired FBI Agent, and director of numerous different regional branches of the FBI, Ted Gunderson, explains that Washington knew about the Pearl Harbor attack days before it happened.

By The Eternal Student on 2/6/2012 11:14 PM

American astrophysicist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, is always a pleasure to listen to. His speeches are filled with both wit and wisdom.

By The Eternal Student on 1/29/2012 8:50 PM

George Lindell, a California resident, explains to a local news crew, his experiences being hit from behind in his van.

By The Eternal Student on 1/29/2012 8:37 PM

Lincoln was not necessarily the freedom loving emancipator we were taught about in school.

By The Eternal Student on 1/29/2012 8:13 PM

This is an utterly fascinating application. Please spend a few moments checking it out.

By The Eternal Student on 1/29/2012 2:20 PM

Agree with them or not, these arguments and commentaries from Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker are utterly fascinating.

By The Eternal Student on 1/27/2012 11:54 PM

Every year more Americans renouce their citizenship to avoid paying U.S. income tax.

By The Eternal Student on 1/27/2012 11:48 PM

A BP (British Pretroleum) employee says he was fired after being unwilling to modify clean-up information.

By The Eternal Student on 1/27/2012 10:13 PM

This action laden video features indescribable scenery as well as a host of individuals performing amazing feats.

By The Eternal Student on 1/22/2012 2:47 PM

Dr. Gratia retells the horrific story of an encounter with an armed mad man at a Texas restaurant.

By The Eternal Student on 1/22/2012 2:31 PM

If you haven't seen it already, this short film comes highly recommended. In short the film explains how the "American Dream" is becoming harder and harder to reach as our monetary system benefits those at the top at the expense of those at the bottom.

By The Eternal Student on 1/22/2012 2:00 PM

Russ Jones spent roughly four decades fighting in the war in drugs for carious U.S. agencies. Now he speaks across the country advocating that an end be brought to "Drug Prohibition".

By The Eternal Student on 1/16/2012 2:12 AM

Peter Schiff attempts to school the OWS crowd in economics.

By The Eternal Student on 1/16/2012 1:55 AM

Just when you thought you had heard it all...the U.S. Library of Congress has said that it will keep public Twitter feeds for posterity.

By The Eternal Student on 1/16/2012 1:46 AM

In this fascinating video, G. Edward Griffin interviews Yuri Bezmenov, a former Russian agent. Yuri outlines how the majority of the activities Russian groups engaged in were not necessarily covert but were instead designed to demoralize and brainwash the American people.

By The Eternal Student on 1/16/2012 1:13 AM

Judge Napolitano disagrees with the official story of how World Trade Center building 7 came down and believes there is more to the story.

By The Eternal Student on 1/16/2012 12:49 AM

Former intelligence operative, Chip Tatum, explains how George H.W. Bush issued neutralization orders for those who had information on the illegal activities of the elite.

By The Eternal Student on 1/16/2012 12:45 AM

This schoolhouse rock type cartoon outlines some of the injustices surrounding the Iran/Contra affair, Saddam Hussein, and other terrorists.

By The Eternal Student on 1/16/2012 12:37 AM

This cartoon from 1948 uses humor to lampoon Communism and re-inforce why capitalism is superior.

By The Eternal Student on 1/15/2012 10:21 PM

This news story explains how GM, and other companies, conspired and were ultimately busted, for their activities working to eliminate streetcars and trollies.

By The Eternal Student on 1/15/2012 10:05 PM

According to this story, Goldman Sachs made more than 100 million per day during nearly 75 percent of the trading days in second quarter 2009. It would seem they only lost money on two trading days during the period, and made $50 million or more on at least 89 percent of trading days. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert explain.

By The Eternal Student on 1/15/2012 9:51 PM

A protestor at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration tries to school the others on the real nature of the problem in the U.S. His passion is to be expected as he is young, but his level of understanding would indicate he is smarter than his years.

By The Eternal Student on 1/15/2012 9:28 PM

Love him or hate him (Alex Jones), we are fortunate to have this list compiled by Jones' team.

By The Eternal Student on 1/15/2012 9:21 PM

Thanks to CBS for discovering this story...and actually running it.

By The Eternal Student on 1/15/2012 9:12 PM

Air America and others put together a very nice video explaining one aspect of the Obama con in general, as well as his deal with pharmaceutical companies during health bill negotiations.



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